Documents Required to Lodge a Claim Under Motor OD Policy

A Motor Own Damage Policy will cover your vehicle against traffic collision, fire and theft. Roadside assistance and car replacement are optional covers at an additional premium rate. The Motor OD Insurance for Private Cars also offers: Agency repairs up to 5-years model Zero excess and zero depreciation up to 5-year model Unknown accident coverage One time agency expenses for front glass up to 5-year model Replacement car Road-side assistance Claim processes are seamless when you choose the best insurance partner. However, you need to be aware

How you Can Purchase or Renew a Motor Insurance Policy from Home

Motor insurance offers protection against financial losses related to an insured vehicle.  You can claim expenses in the event of accidental physical damages. It can protect against third-party legal liabilities in case your car is involved in accidental death, injury, or property destruction. Having an insurance plan is mandatory for all vehicles as per the law. Ensure to choose a company that enables minimal paperwork and quick registrations online or through an app. If you wish to purchase or renew

All You Need to Know About the Motor Claims Procedure

One of the most important criteria for choosing a motor insurance provider is fast and seamless claims processing. If you have to deal with the high cost of extensive repairs or pay for third-party damages, your insurance provider should be able to reimburse your money quickly. This will prevent any financial burden. However, claim settlement depends on following the process in the right manner and providing accurate information. Take a look at the 3 important steps to file a claim

How the Road Side Assistance Add-On Cover Saves the Day

Whether you are on a road trip or attending an important event, a car breakdown in the middle of the journey can derail plans and cause a lot of inconvenience. Not only does your journey gets paused, but you might also face difficulties in identifying the root cause or making the necessary repairs. This is where a roadside assistance add-on cover in your motor insurance plan can come to the rescue. What is Road Side Assistance Cover in Motor Insurance? The roadside

Useful Add on Covers to Enhance your Car Insurance

As per a report published in November 2019, the non-life insurance market of Kuwait registered 1.15 billion US dollars worth of premium in 2018. Car insurance is one of the leading markets among them. Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance is mandatory for every vehicle in the country. While the TPL insurance gives you protection for the statutory legal liabilities, Own damage insurance covers any physical damages to your car. Own Damage Insurance can be further enhanced