How you Can Purchase or Renew a Motor Insurance Policy from Home

Motor insurance offers protection against financial losses related to an insured vehicle.  You can claim expenses in the event of accidental physical damages. It can protect against third-party legal liabilities in case your car is involved in accidental death, injury, or property destruction. Having an insurance plan is mandatory for all vehicles as per the law.

Ensure to choose a company that enables minimal paperwork and quick registrations online or through an app. If you wish to purchase or renew a motor insurance policy, here is the outline of the process involved.

Getting Car Policy from Home

car insurance online
Head over to the official website of a reliable and trusted insurance company. Read about the types of motor insurance available to suit your needs. The best one will offer:

  • Motor Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Motor Own Damage Insurance

You can explore different add-on covers like Zero Excess and Zero Depreciation up to 5 years model, unknown accident coverage, coverage for front glass, car replacement, and roadside assistance. Pick a policy that is right for you. You can request a quote or simply call for assistance and talk to the experts. You are likely to receive your policy online once you tick off the eligibility requirements and present the documents.

Renewing Car Policy from Home

motor insurance online
Login to the website of your motor insurance company. Look for an option of ‘Motor Renewal’. You can simply click and submit the basic details like Name, Phone Number, Policy no., and Email. Your insurance policy will be renewed online after payment of the requisite premium amount and other charges.

Before choosing to purchase a policy or renewing a plan, understand your coverage requirements. Read the terms and conditions carefully to know the exclusions of the policy. Make sure all the details provided are correct. Check the expiry date as well. Also, remember to compare various policies online before deciding.