Documents Required to Lodge a Claim Under Motor OD Policy

A Motor Own Damage Policy will cover your vehicle against traffic collision, fire and theft. Roadside assistance and car replacement are optional covers at an additional premium rate. The Motor OD Insurance for Private Cars also offers:

  • Agency repairs up to 5-years model
  • Zero excess and zero depreciation up to 5-year model
  • Unknown accident coverage
  • One time agency expenses for front glass up to 5-year model
  • Replacement car
  • Road-side assistance

Claim processes are seamless when you choose the best insurance partner. However, you need to be aware of the documents required to lodge a claim under the motor OD policy. It will speed up the process and ensure a smooth settlement. Make sure they are updated and authentic.

Documents Required for a Motor OD Policy Claim

claims process
Be ready with the following documents before filing a claim.

  • Proof of insurance including a policy document, policy number, or cover note.
  • Police report, including the case no. and police station
  • Claim form duly filled and signed by the insured
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration Book issued by Traffic Dept
  • Copy of Motor Driving Licence & Civil ID of the person driving the vehicle at the time.
  • Civil ID of the vehicle registered owner.

You might also have to submit a claims discharge, estimates for repair, set of keys and warranty cards, service booklets and original repair invoice.

Get in touch with your insurance agent to know the exact documents required. Make sure the copies are identical to the original one to avoid any penalties or claim rejection. You can call or book an appointment to get started with the claim process.

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