All You Need to Know About the Motor Claims Procedure

One of the most important criteria for choosing a motor insurance provider is fast and seamless claims processing. If you have to deal with the high cost of extensive repairs or pay for third-party damages, your insurance provider should be able to reimburse your money quickly. This will prevent any financial burden.

However, claim settlement depends on following the process in the right manner and providing accurate information. Take a look at the 3 important steps to file a claim on your car insurance online.

1.    Register the Claim

  • WhatsApp us the Car registration, Driver license and Police report to wa.me/96522060722
  • We shall inform you further documentation required and guide you to book an appointment to complete the claim registration.
  • Upon collection of all documents, we shall issue a Repairer allotment letter to enable you to leave the car in workshop for further estimation and approval.

Once the claim is registered, you will receive a claim reference number. You can use this number to track the status of your claim.

2.    Send the Vehicle for Repair Estimation

  • In case the damages are not safe to drive, consider getting it towed to allotted garage for repair.
  • Repairer will prepare the quotation and share with us for inspection.

3.    Survey and Claim Settlement

  • A surveyor will be appointed by the insurer to inspect the extent of vehicle damage before repair can start.
  • Our surveyor will carefully examine the damages and assess the cost involved.
  • Repair order will be issued to start repairs.

Incase the vehicle sustained major damages, claim will be processed according to policy terms and conditions.

Make sure you are clear about all the limits, exclusions of the policy beforehand, to avoid any hassles.

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