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Group Medical Insurance for SME

Small and Medium enterprises are one of the most important pillars of the Kuwait economy. They may work with less number of employees, but when it comes to keeping them happy, SMEs can achieve a lot. A group medical insurance policy is one such way of keeping the employees of SMEs happy and feel more secure when it comes to health.

National Life & General Insurance Co. SAOG (NLG) has launched various plans for group medical coverage in Kuwait for the employees of an SME that offers various benefits like in-patient and out-patient, coverage for dental, pregnancy and maternity treatment. We also make sure that your team gets all the support required in case of any healthcare emergency.

Territorial Coverage

  • All plans have a territory of cover inside Kuwait only.
  • Emergency treatment can be done Worldwide excluding USA & Canada.

Benefits of our SME Group Medical Policy

  • In-patient and Out-patient treatment
  • Coverage for Chronic & Pre-existing conditions
  • Dental treatment (optional)
  • Pregnancy & Maternity treatment (optional)

Eligibility Criteria for Business/ Corporates

  • Must be a registered and approved business legally by the regulations and guidelines of the country.
  • Standard product for group size 5-25 employees. Minimum 5 employees in the organization.
  • Civil ID cards for all members compulsory
  • Group health declaration form (corporate can fill one form confirming no PEC for members)

Eligibility Criteria for Employees

  • The employee must be working full time and listed on the payroll of the company and MoH list.
  • Employee should hold a valid visa issued by the company.

How to Buy?

+965 22060719 info.kwi@nlicgulf.com Get A Quote

Why Choose National Life & General Insurance Company?

Customer First approach.

Access to Wide range of networks of hospitals and clinics in the region

Customised and need based products based on the client requirement and budgets

Simplified and streamlined process supported by top rated reinsurance companies

Flexibility & Transparency


Accessibility 24/7

Professionally qualified employees

How to Submit your Claim

We have a dedicated in-house health insurance claims department who are always available to help you with the claims processing.

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