The Security Media: The Interior Undersecretary Receives an Officer and a Data Logger who Foiled an Escape Attempt

The Interior Undersecretary Lt. Gen. Essam Salem Al-Naham received in his office at the Headquarter of the Ministry of Interior, in the presence of the Interior Assistant Undersecretary of the Ports Security Affairs Maj.Gen. Mansour Mahmoud Al-Awadhi and the General Director of the General Department of Airport Security Maj.Gen.Waleed Al-Saleh on Wednesday 15/7/2020, the First Lieutenant Mutlaq Daiefallah Al-Mutairi and the First Data Logger Faisal Mansour Al-Muzn of the Ports Security Sector who foiled an escape attempt of one of the defendants in a money laundering case outside the country after checking his data.
At the beginning of the meeting, he conveyed the thanks and appreciation of Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Anas Khalid Al-Saleh as the Interior Undersecretary lauded on their efforts and their national and security role in arresting the outlaws. He also expressed his appreciation to the importance of the role performed by the Security men in maintaining the security and stability of the country. The reception was attended by Director of Airport Passports Department Col. Badr Al-Shayaa and his assistance Col. Fahad Al-Bannai.

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