Why is Health Insurance So Important Today?

Government spending on healthcare in Kuwait is the highest in the GCC region. The public healthcare network in the country offers subsidized medical treatment to Kuwaiti citizens. However, whether you access private or public healthcare, one this that is common to all countries around the globe is rising medical costs. This, combined with the increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases in the younger generation, makes health insurance highly important today.

Moreover, if you are an expat working in Kuwait’s private sector with a valid work visa, the law mandates that you to have health insurance for yourself and your family members.

Importance of Health Insurance

Investing in health insurance is an important part of effective financial planning. With proper insurance coverage, you can be financially prepared for any sudden illnesses and treatment expenses in the future. Here are some other reasons why such a policy is a must-have:

  • Stressful Lifestyles

Hectic work schedules, rising pollution levels and bad habits make us prone to many lifestyle diseases, like diabetes and hypertension. These can lead to other complications. Over the years, terminal diseases like cancer and autoimmune disorders have also become more common, even among the youth.

  • High Medical Costs

high medical cost
Rising inflation is a reality globally. To plan for a financially secured future, have health insurance can ensure that your life goals aren’t derailed in case you are diagnosed with a serious condition or even if you have to undergo routine surgery.

  • Emergency Treatment Overseas

emergency medical treatment
Many health insurance packages cover sudden medical expenses that arise in a foreign country, saving you huge amounts of money.

A comprehensive medical insurance plan will cover pre-hospital, hopitalisation and post-hospital expenses, cost of medicines, diagnostic tests, and provide other benefits as mentioned in the policy. Make sure to partner with a provider that offers benefits across a large network of hospitals and clinics in Kuwait.