Why a Top Up Cover is Always Beneficial for Coverage of Elders in the Family

A health policy helps to deal with unforeseen medical costs that could erode your savings. It offers comprehensive coverage against terminal health conditions and related expenses for treatment.

The best policies include hospitalization charges, pre, and post-admission charges, and ambulance charges, along with a wide network of healthcare institutions across Kuwait. You can also expect global coverage (excluding the USA and Canada) for emergency treatment.

However, try not to include your parents under your existing health cover. It is a good idea to purchase a different policy for them. Here are the key reasons.

#1 High Premium for Pre-Existing Disease

elderly coupleParents are prone to medical risks and conditions with increasing age. The premiums will be higher for whole family coverage. Mostly in such cases, premiums are calculated based upon the age of the eldest family member. Top Up policies will help you save money, since the premiums are small. These policies will also take care of any big liability incurred during treatment process.


#2 Reduction in coverage for younger members of the Family

A particular policy might not be enough for everyone. Your parents could require frequent medical aids for recurring health conditions. So, by the time you need coverage, there might not be enough to finance your requirements. Therefore, instead of increasing the coverage amount, simply opt for a separate one.

Galloping medical expenses require every member of your family to have an individual cover rather than accommodating everyone under one umbrella. Also, your parents’ requirements are different than yours. Choose a medical insurance policy that offers them special features and extensive coverage instead.