Why Do You Need Covid-19 Protection in Your Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance ensures a worry-free journey. It ensures financial protection in case of medical emergencies abroad and also helps in the event of flight cancellation, loss of baggage, and passport among other benefits However, we now live in a global pandemic and traveling always carries the risk of infection. Treatment costs for extreme cases of Covid-19 are towards the higher side globally. This is why your travel insurance needs to include coverage against Covid-19 as well. The best insurance policy is operative

3 Things to Check Before You Plan Your Next International Travel

Good travel plans are a result of careful planning. There is work to be done before you book a ticket. This includes practical preparation and organization. Such steps can ensure a stress-free, smooth and positive experience. Otherwise, you might be overwhelmed; especially if this is your first international trip. If you are planning to travel abroad, remember to tick-off these basic needs in your check list. #1 Travel Insurance Travel insurance is essential to cover the cost of medical emergencies in foreign countries.

Conditions for the COVID-19 Cover to be Applicable under Your Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance has been a mandatory part of international travel for some time now. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the world, insurers are now extending benefits associated with coronavirus-related medical emergencies abroad as well. We offer comprehensive coverage for all medical expenses, should a traveller contract COVID-19 in one of the designated countries outside Kuwait. However, these are subject to certain conditions. Take a look. Positive RT PCR Test The coverage shall be granted only on submission of a positive RT PCR

Make Sure You are Insured Against COVID-19 During International Travel

It’s been more than a year since COVID-19 struck the world. The pandemic still shows no signs of abating, with the total number of infections globally standing at more than 1.44 billion as of April 23, 2021. Many countries are in their second or third wave of virus spread. However, borders have now re-opened and international travel has resumed in full swing. If you are travelling abroad, it’s a good idea to invest in travel insurance for protection against emergency

What is Travel Insurance to you – A Cost or an Investment?

As per a report published in December 2020, the insurance penetration rate in Gulf countries is quite low. Kuwait is the lowest among them with about one per cent penetration rate. Travel insurance is not an exception. It gives a clear sign that the people in the country are reluctant to buy one. However, travel insurance is crucial for any trip. It offers you a hassle-free experience when you travel for business or pleasure anywhere in