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Make Sure You are Insured Against COVID-19 During International Travel

It’s been more than a year since COVID-19 struck the world. The pandemic still shows no signs of abating, with the total number of infections globally standing at more than 1.44 billion as of April 23, 2021. Many countries are in their second or third wave of virus spread. However, borders have now re-opened and international travel has resumed in full swing. If you are travelling abroad, it’s a good idea to invest in travel insurance for protection against emergency

How a Health Insurance Plan Can Reduce Your Family’s Financial Stress

A medical emergency never knocks on the door before entering anyone’s life. Today’s sedentary lifestyle along with unhealthy eating habits, not getting enough sleep and lack of physical activity has tremendously increased the risk for a wide range of health problems. Due to this, a family’s medical expenses are ever-increasing. Medical treatment particularly in private hospitals can lead to hefty medical bills. It differs based on the kind of hospital and treatment one seeks. It might also completely drain your savings which

3 Advantages of Buying Group Medical Insurance to an Employer

Have you thought of covering your employees under a Group Insurance Policy? Employees are the greatest asset of a company. As an employer, it is becoming increasingly important that you look after your employees, and not just by the way of salary. One such way to do so is by providing them and their family medical insurance. Have a look at the following major benefits that you get by buying Group Medical Insurance.   Increased Motivation for Your Employees In the current situation,

Useful Add on Covers to Enhance your Car Insurance

As per a report published in November 2019, the non-life insurance market of Kuwait registered 1.15 billion US dollars worth of premium in 2018. Car insurance is one of the leading markets among them. Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance is mandatory for every vehicle in the country. While the TPL insurance gives you protection for the statutory legal liabilities, Own damage insurance covers any physical damages to your car. Own Damage Insurance can be further enhanced

What is Travel Insurance to you – A Cost or an Investment?

As per a report published in December 2020, the insurance penetration rate in Gulf countries is quite low. Kuwait is the lowest among them with about one per cent penetration rate. Travel insurance is not an exception. It gives a clear sign that the people in the country are reluctant to buy one. However, travel insurance is crucial for any trip. It offers you a hassle-free experience when you travel for business or pleasure anywhere in