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Home Insurance Plan

Affordable, easy protection for your personal belongings

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Home Insurance Plan – is a great way to insure the contents of your home and your personal belongings.

Simple procedures

Great affordability

Wide coverage

Home Insurance Plan – an insurance package like no other

Wide insurance coverage for your belongings at very affordable prices Choose one of the maximum sum insured limits provided that represents a value equal to or immediately more than the actual value at risk:

Contents and Personal Belongings including Money, Jewellery and valuables covered against fire and named perils

Storm, Typhoon, Tempest, Flood covered up to 20% of the Maximum Sum Insured declared for insurance

Policy coverage includes:

In the event of the insured residence being damaged by oneof the named perils – Rent for temporary alternate accommodation for up to 6 months

Expenses for shifting to the temporary alternate accommodation and back to original residence

Repair or replacement of the External Windows/Doors and/or Safe if damaged by an insured peril Door

Replacement of Locks of Private Vehicles (Cars & 4WDs), if keys are stolen

Replacement of Main Door Lock or Safe if keys are stolen Loss or Damage to Visitors’ or Guests’ property by an insured peril

Fire Brigade & Extinguishing Expenses

Expenses for getting duplicates/re-issue of Passports, Driving Licenses and ID cards if damaged by an insured peril

Coverage whilst at another premises for cleaning, renovation, repairs or maintenance (STF perils excluded).

Cover includes road transit risk while being moved for cleaning, renovation or maintenance.

Legal liability to Landlord for Loss/Damage to Landlord’s property due to an insured peril upto 50% of the Maximum Sum Insured declared

Coverage whilst at a temporary accommodation elsewhere within Oman – up to a maximum of 30 consecutive days

Legal liability to the Neighbours/Third Parties for damage to property due to an insured peril for up to 50% of the Maximum Sum Insured declared


Cover subject to Terms, Conditions, Limitations and exceptions of Home Insurance Plan

Limits and Sub-limits apply. Refer to Company for further details

This insurance will be operational only if the walls of your residence are built of Bricks or Concrete Blocks in Cement Plaster and the roof is of Reinforced Cement Concrete, or they are of better materials.

The Insurance cover is valid only

If the insured is a Citizen / Resident of the Sultanate of Oman

If the insured residence is of First Class Construction with atleast Brick Walls and Roof

If there has been no loss or claim at the insured location for past 3 consecutive years.

After 48 hours from the time of purchase.

Please ensure that this requirement is complied with before proceeding further