3 Things to Check Before You Plan Your Next International Travel

Good travel plans are a result of careful planning. There is work to be done before you book a ticket. This includes practical preparation and organization. Such steps can ensure a stress-free, smooth and positive experience. Otherwise, you might be overwhelmed; especially if this is your first international trip.

If you are planning to travel abroad, remember to tick-off these basic needs in your check list.

#1 Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential to cover the cost of medical emergencies in foreign countries. These policies will also take care of claims against lost baggage or baggage thefts, and cancelled or postponed trips. Look for a policy which also covers Covid-19 hospitalisation and treatment expenses abroad. In case, you have to be medically repatriated on account of Covid-19, the insurance can take care of that as well.
travel insurance

#2 Passports and Visas

Visa specifications can defer from country to country. Further, it takes a while to get visa approvals. So, try to apply as early as possible. The passport must be valid for the next six months from your date of travel before entering a foreign country. Check the expiration date and renew it in not less than nine months beforehand. This can be done from the nearest passport facility.

#3 Finances

Check the exchange rates and research the costs. This can help you figure out how much you require abroad. Google the prices or head over to travel websites and forums. It is always a good idea to carry more money with you than needed. Make the best use of your credit card and be realistic about the expenses. You can also start saving up and redeem travel miles and points for a cost-effective trip.
foreign exchange

Consider getting your Covid-19 vaccinations done before you step outside. Further, check the exclusions in your travel insurance policy. There might be a waiting period before the policy becomes operational. Remember that it’s best to avoid travel to countries against which travel advisories have been issued.